Magick Healing

To reclaim our sovereignty, we have to transmute the matrix frequencies and programme overlays. 


In this third-dimensional reality, our spirit is constantly under attack by unseen energy frequencies. For aeons,  the programming on this planet has been a multilayered imposition to lock us into this 3D dimension.  Humanity is under the spell of mind-control; our consciousness is hacked on multiple layers. We have forgotten who we are and our divinity and fallen into traps of collective traps, resulting in suppressed PTSD. As a result, trauma is projected subconsciously due to unhealed core wounds, obsessive thought loops and self-sabotage. Alongside the unhealed energies are the frequencies from our technology and the increased bombardment of AI interferences and overlays. These energies become trapped on all the levels of our consciousness and energetic field. These are locked into DNA cellular memories that are often replayed and retriggered, often subconsciously. Healing these interdimensional forces is the pathway to claiming our divine sovereign. Our world needs healing and loving ourselves as the physical expression of divinity.

 My soul’s purpose is to heal the multidimensional spirit body. Inner Magick is transmuting our inner world to affect positive change in our reality. I have integrated aspects of myself that were traumatised using powerful spiritual clearing methods. I travelled to Sacred Sites worldwide, including Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Mexico, and Central America, learning about their links to the cosmos.

In my healing modalities, I get straight to the truth of a person’s issues, followed by a meditative, relaxing session where I tap into what energetic disturbances and transmute energies. Clients report feeling layers of higher frequencies flowing and feeling peace and clarity.

During healing sessions, core issues are examined and how to move forward. Blockages cleared include Cord-cutting from toxic relationships, releasing ethereal implants, A.I. attachments from technology and healing fragmented aspects of our psyche.

Ancestral Healing

Healing ancestral lineages from energetic interferences from overlapping timelines

Entity Attachments

Strange anomalies such as shadow beings, entity anomalies, and AI interferences from technology


Integrate a person’s psyche from trauma including repeating thought loops, thought patterns or obsessive thinking

My Healing Techniques 


Clear Old Patterns


Clear Trapped energies


Accessing higher levels of consciousness


Spirit Connection

How It Works


Core Issues Discussed



Scan the Body for multidimensional interferences



Holding space for energy healing


Ending session with insights and feedback

My Practice


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