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Using universal laws to change reality and to step into our power



In a healing session, we discuss issues affecting a person’s life and what areas require healing using my clairsentient and clairaudient psychic skills.  We discuss areas I can focus on to shift energy to allow more light to accelerate spiritual growth. I establish a warm, supportive environment to put people at ease and establish a rapport.


The following process is the meditative space, where the client relaxes and allows an energy exchange to shift energies on all multidimensional levels. I work on several issues at once on energies that are buried deep within a person’s consciousness. Messages are received from a client’s higher self or guides, and we discuss how the energies work through the body. I see images, symbols, and impressions of what is causing energetic disturbances and how they impact reality. Some of these blockages can be strange anomalies such as entities, and attachments caused by unhealed aspects of our life.


  • Timeline work(releasing stuck energies from the past)
  • Attachments(AI interferences, Entity, Shadow beings)
  • Oversoul and higher self-clearing for more transparent communication
  • Ancestral healing


Costs 50 Euros for 30 minutes or 100 Euros for 75 mins


Timeline work (releasing stuck energies from the past)


Attachments (AI interferences, Entities, and other strange inter-dimensional interferences)


Oversoul and higher self-clearing for clearer communication


Ancestral healing

Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

"During the session with Valerie, l felt as if my head was trying to tune into a radio frequency. I felt very safe which was great as it was a new thing for me. I felt a range of emotions surface including sadness, love, anxiety, loss, gratitude and acceptance. Valerie is very warm, calm and down to earth and picked up on personal circumstances past and present. I feel very blessed and calmer after this session. Very grateful to have had this experience."

Sally, UK

"My session with Valerie was fantastic! Since the session, my dreams have been clearer with more messages, and freedom has opened within me. She cleared some negative energy from media and technology and since I have had a much more pleasant relationship working with technology instead of technology working against me. My session was quick and efficient! I'm very appreciative of her work. "

– Heidi USA

"I recently had a remote energy session done with Valerie. Valerie gave great insights and information throughout the session and did a wonderful energetic clearing. Valerie is a lovely person who is highly intuitive, I would highly recommend a session with her!"

– Jonathan, Ireland

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